16 April 2003 & 23:16

I have absolutely nothing useful to say tonight. I suppose that is not particularly unusual, except that I am actually aware that I have nothing useful to say.

I put together San's Easter basket today. I try really hard not to use actual baskets, so this year I put it in a giant martini glass. A basket would probably be more useful, but not as funny. I am aware that it is somewhat less than appropriate to give someone a ridiculously large example of alcohol-related paraphernalia in honor of a Christian holiday. However, since the martini glass is chalk full of eggs, bunnies, ducks, and related "pagan" symbolism, I'm not going to stress about it.

Sorry about putting the word pagan in quotes up there, it's just a difficult term for me to deal with. I mean, which pagan group are we talking about? Germanic? Celtic? Ancient Greek? It's not really a term one can use in an broad-sweeping fashion, the way you can, say, Christian, though most people seem to think so. Just a linguistic annoyance of mine, you'll have to excuse me. No offense meant to any pagans out there - I myself would probably be pagan too, if I could be bothered with labeling myself. Fortunately, I don't suffer from that particular compulsion.

My roommate and I dyed eggs with my parents tonight. It was good clean fun. We had a glow-in-the-dark egg decorating kit, which was definitely something new for me. And best of all? My roommate hates eggs, so all 16 of them are mine, mine, mine!!! Wheeee! I am a happy kj now!

Ren tried to convince me that eggs were bad today. I have no idea why. I remarked that they were inexpensive and nutritious. He countered that organic free-range eggs are not inexpensive, rice is a better deal for your money, and protein-rich diets are bad for you. I think he was just bored and needed to argue about something. Heís been in an odd mood lately, and I canít quite get a handle on him. I think heís worried and sad and excited and whatnot about finally getting that Masters in May and leaving us here, and heís having a rough time dealing with all of it. Poor silly fellow. A pity men arenít raised to communicate such things more effectively, it would make life easier on all of us.

As I warned you, I have nothing useful to say tonight. I think I'll go enjoy that fabulous full moon one last time before I crawl off to bed and give San that half-asleep phone call I inevitably inflict on him when he hasn't called me by the time I go to bed. Poor guy, I'm just not a night person.

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